The BeeLab and its Tools Used for 6-Day Online Workshop for Students from Engineering, Management, Design and Architecture

After the 42 days Business Modeling summer training at Herning Campus , Aarhus University, Denmark, in June 2019, especially arranged for students and EU CENTRAL participants.

The training program participants from Vishwaniketan:
Prof Neelam Kamthe, Dr Sharwari Sane and Prof Sameer Shaikh, have started the promotion of the BeeLab and its tools in colleges in India.

The promotion of the BeeLab and its tools is being done in the form of a 6 day online workshop for students from Engineering, Management, Design and Architecture streams.

Objective of the Workshop:

  1. Introduction to the BeeLab and BeeStar
  2. Introduction to an individual’s “Pitch Presentation”
  3. Understanding the interdisciplinary depth of
    technology and business
  4. To understand basic elements of business and the importance of market research
  5. Understanding the consumer and user
  6. Understanding key resources and services for success of the product/service

Outcomes of the program:

Outcomes realised in terms of group activity in the form

  1. Students created “Pitch Presentations” about themselves
  2. Relating the products/services and the need they cater
  3. Creating a virtual company around an idea/opportunity realised during the exercise
  4. Identifying and defining the different dimensions of this virtual business

Over 120 students and 10 faculty members from KIT’s Institute of Management Education & Research successfully completed the workshop. Over 800 students and 12 faculty members from Vishwaniketan Institute of Management Entrepreneurship Engineering and Design (ViMEET), 20 students and 1 faculty from Vishwaniketan Institute of Design and 110 students and 4 faculty from Vishwaniketan College of Architecture Arts and Design completed this workshop.

Also, a 6 day Boot Camp was specially held for 20 young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The workshops were arranged with a view to create an awareness about the BeeLab and its tools among the participants. During the workshop, the students experimented with the simple BeeLab tools and tried to create virtual startup’s.

During the special boot camp, The teaching was imparted in the blended learning i.e. Face to Face learning and Practical Assignments. The Boot Camp, intended to kindle a “business mind” in the students, it’s aim was that the students start thinking in terms of: Product, Product Value Proposition, Business Value Creation, Customer Needs, Customer Profiling, etc. In other words start to create the bubbles and business models around the bubbles with the help of BeeLab tools.

Currently we are in the process to install the BeeLab at Vishwaniketan Business Modelling Centre of Excellence. Once the Lab is installed, we plan to expose the BeeLab and its tools to students all over India. We will also be inviting industries and businesses to make use of the BeeLab and its expertise to solve their problems and also embrace innovations.

The resources available full time for Vishwaniketan Business Modelling Centre of Excellence are:

  • Dr. Sharvari Sane (HOD Electrical Department ViMEET and trained at Business Lab, Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Prof. Sameer Shaikh (M.E. and trained at Business Lab, Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Prof. Deovrut Jadhav (M.E., and trained at Teesside University, UK)
  • Prof. Deepak patil (TPO at ViMEET, M.B.A. in Marketing)
  • Prof. Neelam Kamthe (Assistant Director : Vishwaniketan Incubation Center and BMCOE, trained at Business Lab, Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Prof. Dr. Vikas Shinde (Director Vishwaniketan PBLCOE)