Global Nexus: Universal Communications, Intelligence and Sustainability

The key three pillars of next-generation mobile communication networks are sustainability, universal communications (in terms of both connectivity and digital inclusion), and network intelligence. Within that context, new types of capabilities are anticipated through native network intelligence, the tight integration of sensing functionalities and a commitment to sustainability. These key pillars of beyond 5G networks create an exciting albeit challenging field of research with the potential to significantly impact not only our everyday daily lives but a diverse set of industries. To this end, the emerging efforts towards the definition and initial steps towards the standardization of the next-generation wireless networks aim to integrate terrestrial, aerial, and satellite systems to ensure a truly seamless, global coverage in a unified manner in terms of terminal and overall end-user experience. Next generation networks will leverage advanced distributed intelligence, enabling real-time data processing and real-time decision-making, enhancing both personal and industrial applications. Sustainability is also at the forefront, with green technologies and energy-efficient protocols designed to minimize the environmental footprint in the era of climate crisis and net-zero commitment across different industries. Consequently, a complex ecosystem of networks, interconnected applications, services, and physical/virtual devices, with a high degree of heterogeneity, emerges. This heterogeneity is envisioned to be tamed by native network ML/Al solutions that must display significant levels of autonomy in terms of their operation as well as ensuring a safe, secure, and explainable operation. Together, these advancements in connectivity, intelligence, and sustainability will drive the future of communication, making next generation networks a truly transformative force in our interconnected world.




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