CTIF Global Capsule scientific visit in Brazil

CTIF Global Capsule represented by Paulo Henrique in Brasilia and Sao Paulo visiting: Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCTI), Ministry of Culture of Brazil, Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Project Sirius, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Unisys, and a quantum computer at the university of SENAI.
1. Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCTI)
During my meeting with Mr. Carlos Matsumoto, Head of MCTI, Mr. Rubens Caetano Barbosa de Souza, General Coordinator of Digital Innovation, and Mr. Ulisses Campoi Martins Rosa, Innovation Promotion Coordinator, I learned about the Brazilian government’s investments in 6G and Quantum Technologies and explored potential partnerships.
2. Ministry of Culture of Brazil
I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Margareth Menezes, Minister of Culture in Brazil, and attended a meeting where she presented the investments in the Brazilian cultural sector, including media and broadcasting technologies to promote culture. My friend, the Brazilian artist Ed Ribeiro, known for his paintings of the orishas, introduced me to the minister.
3. Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel)
At Anatel, I presented my research on future 6G Networks and Quantum Computing under Professor Ramjee Prasad’s supervision. It was insightful to learn about Brazil’s promotion of scientific research and academic dialogue in digital communications, technological innovations, and cybersecurity. We also discussed potential future collaborations.
4. Project Sirius
I visited the Sirius project, guided by Brazilian Diplomat Mariana Ferreira Cardoso. Sirius is the largest and most complex scientific infrastructure in Brazil, using synchrotron light to investigate the composition and structure of matter. I also visited the Nano Technologies and new materials lab and discussed future partnerships.
5. National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)
During my meeting in Brasília with the Coordination General for International Cooperation (CGCIN) and the Directorate of Institutional, International, and Innovation Cooperation (DCOI), I gained valuable insights into Brazil’s R&D initiatives and the potential for international cooperation in 6G Networks and Quantum Computing.
6. Unisys
I met with Mr. Marcel Valverde, CEO of Unisys, Mr. Marcos Santos, Director of Marketing & Demand Generation, Guilherme Artuso, SME Financial Services, and their team to discuss potential collaborations, especially in Quantum Computing in the commercial sector and possible scientific and commercial cooperations in Latam.
7. Finally, I had the chance to visit the most advanced University of SENAI that has the first quantum computer and the most advanced cyberdefense school in Latim America. This visit was organized by the director of Informa Markets and the Federation of Industries of Sao Paulo, Mr. Hermano Jr, and Mr.Felipe Marchioni from Informa Markets, the dean of the university Mr. Gustavo Henrique Silva and team.



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