Benefits of CGC School Membership

    1. The Business Model Innovation (BMI) Club or BeeClub will be set up with Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation Training at partner school premises. The concept is based on evidence-based research into business model innovation and development, as well as innovation and development with practical MBMI tools: the B-Board, B-Star Table, the B-Star, the BMI Board, and the Business Model Innovation Lab—The B-Lab, with integrated business model tools. With the School Membership, CGC will offer a 10% reduction in the BMI Club cost.
    2. CGC to offer:
      • Student Exchange Programs to Denmark/Norway; Learning Nordic tools, techniques & culture exposure to the students. (paid)
      • Career path paving and international opportunities to students in CGC collaborated Universities to the deserving CGC certified students (school bachelors)
      • Opportunities are available to faculty members for international research, courses, internships, and FDPs. (paid)
    3. Technical Seminars (any one each year for 2 hours):
      • Wireless communications
      • Drone technology
      • Robotics
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Machine Learning
      • Sustainability
    4. Non-Technical Skills Seminars (any one each year for 2 hours):
      • Research
      • Technical Writing
      • Mail drafting
      • Communication
      • Group Discussion
      • Interview
      • Stage Presentation
    5. Exposure and experience to selected students in CGC Events in Delhi NCR re-lated to organizing, participating, and networking.
    6. Access to CGC webinars/events/conferences with leading experts from academia and industries (online/offline).
    7. Scholarships to course fees for selected deserving candidates to CGC Schools in Denmark/Norway/Bulgaria or any other partner university worldwide.

The CGC School Membership will be given for a minimum of three years.