Benefits of Individual Fellow Membership

Access to World class global quality research and practice in CGC thematic related fields/aspects, Policy, Planning, Engineering, Management of wireless technologies digitisation, Multi Business Model and Business Model Ecosystems Innovation, Entre-, Intra- and Interpreneurship.

Assistance in quality research in CGC´s vertical and horizontal topic related fields/aspects by adapting to the world-class global research and practices.

Access and discount to open global conference platform to discuss and deliberate on the CGC Thematic issue hereof yearly CGC Yearly Strategic workshops, WPMC Global Wireless Summit, CGC bi-annual workshop, CGC co-supported Conferences, Fabolous, GISFI event, IFKAD, CInet.

Support in organizasing international meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences at international/ regional/national levels.

Access to CGC webinars with leading experts from academia and industries.

Help to carry out research/ consultancy/ project works with industry, academic institutions and government organizations within a nation and other parts in all matters concerning ICT – according to the CGC bylaw.

Help to actively forge strong relationships with universities, colleges, laboratories, industries and institutions worldwide to network and complement infrastructural, project and faculty resources.

Help to determine current and future national/ regional ICT requirements, develop long and short-term strategies considering all types CGC Thematic applications – according to the CGC bylaw.

Help to developing continuing training programs for faculty/ scholars from other agencies, institutions and industry of worldwide and organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and such other activities for the dissemination of knowledge. In addition, to develop a special package for human resource development required for developing and underdeveloped countries across the globe – according to the CGC bylaw.

Opportunity to send subject matter experts to work at CGC in a unidirectional or bi-directional scientific exchange program, according to the CGC bylaw.

Access to CGC lab´s – connected CGC-B-labs worldwide for CGC – workshops, research meetings and networking, communication between CGC-B-labs, according to the CGC bylaw

Access to CGC co-funded supported Journals: Journal of Personal wireless Communication, Journal of Mobile Multi Media Communication/CONASENSE, Journal of Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology, Journal of Human Bond Communication and Knowledge Home, according to the CGC bylaw.

Access to CGC virtual library, teaching/learning material, according to the CGC bylaw.

CGC divisions will host openly CGC Guest researchers industrial PhD´s, CGC industry members from all over the world with access to study place and access to join CGC research – according to the CGC bylaw.

Participation in CGC TBMI Summershool – according to the CGC bylaw.