GATE is a consortium of 20 partners, of which four are airports. The vision of GATE is to demonstrate competitive airport
sustainability and strengthened resilience through the uptake of digital and clean technologies and inclusive business models that
address the relevant supply chain and stakeholders. The ambition of GATE is achieve eco-friendly sustainability through best
practices exchange and innovations, at major hub and smaller/regional airports. GATE will evolve current green initiatives towards
zero emission solutions and increased economic value by i) integrating locally produced sustainable aviation fuel and renewable
energy into a smart recharging and refueling grid that supports trading of sustainable energy (buy and/or sell) with the local
distribution service operators (DSOs); ii) all-inclusive green hydrogen supply- and SAF solutions spanning to the European supply
chain; iii) smart recharging infrastructure providing storage capacity and offering Demand Side flexibility and load management for increased revenues from ancillary markets to support large-scale conversion to e-vehicles, eVTOLs, e-aircrafts and e-boats; iv) highperformance energy management system with advanced sensing data processing, crowd sensing and crowd management and
analytic solutions for self-sufficient monitoring and control of energy use and to efficiently manage sustainability and circular
performance indicators at airport buildings; v) multi-modal transport framework based on smart logistic solutions and electric
Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) platform; vi) inclusive and competitively fair business models that build on real-time shared
information across the value chain to avoid any ?greenwashing? practice; vii) a framework for developing a new Target Operating
Model to facilitate the green transition of airports inclusive of respective procedures, policies, roles and responsibilities, viii) strong dissemination and exploitation framework.
(60 months)