Value Propositions

CGC divisions are spread out worldwide to conduct research, educational, and non-profit activities with the vision of emphasizing on its leadership and potential in fulfilling communication needs of the society and ushering it into the Cross-/Inter-disciplinary multi-business modelling and Technology Innovation era with a measurable impact.

CGC aims to be on the forefront of strengthening Technologies for smart businesses, smart cities, smart countries and a more intelligent global business model ecosystem.

Basic and applied research

CGC focuses on basic and applied research with the aim to address fundamental questions for scientific knowledge, prioritizing at the same time the in-house capabilities for intellectual property rights (IPRs), standardization, and comercialisation of technology and business solutions.

CGC Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects
Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects

CGC facilitate global inter-disciplinary research, industry development and educational activities through Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects, staff and student exchange, interdisciplinary publications, PhD and master programs, other educational programs, e.g. to industry and standardization in research and education. CGC will seek to establish projects across all continents.

CGC Bridging technology to Business

CGC facilitate global inter-disciplinary research and industry network to bridge technology to business and vice versa. CGC will do this by having continuously strong techno-business model innovation research and experimental competences.

Multi Business Model Innovation and technology

CGC supports businesses, strengthens Multi Business Model Innovation and technologies through research collaboration with international partners. The aim is to create, capture, deliver, receive and consume new technologies and new business model ecosystems through Cross-/Inter disciplinary global research and business collaboration.

CGC is achieved by building on the cohesive environment, which allows businesses, researchers and students to access to global Technology and Multi Business Model Innovation Ecosystems. CGC attracts international networks of leading researchers and businesses regarding joint Cross-/ Inter-disciplinary research, network-based technology, multi-business model innovation, standardisation and intellectual property rights.
Global Program for Wireless Mobile Innovation (GPWiMI), as an example, is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) includes the development of Cross-/Interdisciplinary business and research networks through the CGC Divisions; new global research projects, new global master and PhD programs; as well as new global industries related activities.
CGC PhD, master’s programs and undergraduate Internships provide human resources for higher studies, teaching and training at selected CGC university members.
CGC divisions openly host industrial PhDs and guest researchers from all over the world, who want to study and join CGC research projects and team. As a member of CGC, all researchers together with project participants, will have access to office and Lab facilities to any CGC Division worldwide.