CTIF Culture

CGC has dedicated one associate Vice President to develop and take the CGC Culture into the next century. CTIF and later CGC was create in moments of high motivation and happiness. This has become important value and culture of CGC.


CGC aims at working with people and partners that are happy, motivated and feel joy about their research, business, networking and collaboration.

Diversity and Cross Interdisiplinarity

Respect for difference in competences, viewpoints, culture and competences. CGC is by nature born as a mix cultural global organisation. All members have different backgrounds and researchers together with business partners work close together independent of age, sex, nationality, religion. Young and elderly people work together in fruitful knowledge creating and capturing processes. Women and men work equally together in respect of Gender Equality.

CGC TBMI Mobility course in CGC Business Lab Denmark
Multi Business Model Innovation
and Technology research in the Business Lab


A basic value to CGC is its independency and in this context that CGC support and create a CGC independent collaboration platform where any CGC members have independence and freedom to work at any CGC division with any CGCmembers, research topics, projects, event whenever, wherever, with whoever, whichever CGC technology the member find is necessary and critical to his or her research, project and task.


CGC will have a management group under tight supervision of a Steering and advisory board. CGC will play by the Democracy vision and goals.

Teaching and Learning

CGC acknowledge that elderly people learn from young and vice versa. Academia’s learn from businesses and Business learn from academia´s. Rich countries learn from poor countries and poor countries learn from rich countries. Start-up learn from SME and large businesses from Start-up’s and SMEs. Businesses, students and Academia’s learn and research together and create a CGC Knowledge Home.
CGC will teach and learn by physical, digital and virtual Medias. CGC will try to integrate physical, digital and virtual teaching and learning by the help of advanced technology.

TBMI Education at CGC DK, Aarhus University
Inauguration CGC, Sandip 3 December 2018


CGC is a Global non-profit organisation and will try to act as a Global business with a Global Mind-set. This indicate that we will seek to achieve a Global culture and not least a Global Management Culture in respect of our large global network.

Fundraising/Project Development

CGC will seek funding and sponsor ship globally and not limit its funding and project activities to one country or one region.