Past and Present

The Journey - How it all began

The idea of CGC was conceived in 2013 in a meeting between Professor Ramjee Prasad and Professor Peter Lindgren at a working dinner with pistachio nuts.
The Idea was named CGC stressing its primary visionary role and unique solution towards all applications of core tele infrastructure creating a bridge between technology and business.


The idea of CGC was discussed with numerous valuable partners, those include world renowned academic institutions and businesses organisations spreading across continents.
CGC has in its first decade been involved with many industrial/academic partners, those are working collectively on diverse research projects spread across all thematic areas of wireless communications. CGC in is second decade decided to focus more on bridging the technology to the business and build upon the 15 years of research on business models developed by the International Centre of Innovation (ICI) and The Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology (MBIT) research group. Business and academic ecosystems are not cohesively linked with each other and are often narrowly sighted to each other due to lack of mutual exchange of knowledge and lack of “common language”.
Potentially lucrative ideas are therefore often lost and do not gain attention and, several equipotent innovative ideas are not well appreciated. Eventually, very few participate in the game, draining ample potential and growth. A large portion of research findings remain unnoticed by the society, industry, businesses and academic ecosystems. The real purpose of academia, i.e., “benefiting the people” is somewhere remains incomplete and a large waste have taken place in our society, businesses and academic ecosystems of knowledge, potential technology and business models. CGC strategically wants to prevent and diminish this waste.
On completion of the promising first decade of CGC, it had been decided to transit CGC into the CGC vision 2025 stressing on its leadership and potential in fulfilling the communication needs of the society and ushering it into the Cross-/Inter-/Multi-disciplinary and multi business modelling era.

CGC Timeline