Horizontal Research Thematic Areas

CGC four Horizontal Thematic Areas will support the twelve vertical research thematic areas and developed the CGC Business to be a global well-structured and advanced business with the vision to function anywhere, anytime with anybody and anything. CGC will create and capture business across all vertical thematic areas. CGC will look for startups and BM inside and between businesses. CGC will seek to fundraise and develop projects worldwide and will establish and engage in professional conference, workshops and event in all continents.


Peter Lindgren
CGC Aarhus University, Denmark

01. Multi Business Model Innovation & Technology – Horizontal

Per Valter
CGC Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark

Per Valter’s profile

Multi-Business Model and technology Innovation (MBIT)
CGC will have MBIT approach as mind-set to bridge business to technology and as a research platform to understand deeper Future Business Model Ecosystems based on monetary values and nonmonetary values. The MBIT approach will bridge horizontally different technology domains and on top of state of the art MBIT research approach and will be embedded as a basic concept, Business Model Innovation platform and research mind-set to CGC. CGC will support businesses to strengthen their business models, MBIT, Persuasive business models and technologies, Multi Business Model library and pattern analysis through collaboration with top international partners in the aim to create, capture, deliver, receive and consume new business models, improved and new MBMI technologies, improved and new business model ecosystems.
CGC will be on the forefront of strengthening academic research and industrial partners’ position enabling growth in research and MBIT supported by Cross-/Inter-disciplinary technologies, and their applications for smart business models, smart business model ecosystems, smart villages, smart cities, smart countries, and smart global multi business model ecosystem.
Digitalisation and Virtualisation of BM and the CGC Multi Business Model Innovation platform will be a major task for this Horizontal Thematic area.

02. Entre-, Intra- and Interpreneurship – Horizontal

Sofoklis Kyriazakos
CGC Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark

Sofoklis Kyriazakos’s profile

In CGC context “Entrepreneurial” refers to the establishment of a new business – a start-up. CGC aims at playing a major role in Global Entrepreneurship to support more to become and survive as entrepreneurs. CGC aims at “bridging” global entrepreneurial hotspots either it is in cities or rural areas.
“Intrapreneurial” refers in CGC to the development and implementation of entrepreneurial skills amongst businesses employees to continuously look and “scout” for new technology, technological solutions and bridge them with business models as a subsidiary of an already existing business.
“Interpreneurial” refers to the application of creating and capturing new business models in networks of different competencies between different businesses globally.
CGC will strengthen all academic research and its applications enabling growth between businesses with a particular emphasis on symbiosis of smart
business networks, smart villages, smart cities, smart countries, and smart global ecosystem. CGC researchers focus on all aspects of entre-, intra- and interpreneurship.

CGC with Head of Finish Venture Capital group at Start-up Ole´in Spain April 2018
03. Fundraising, Project development – Horizontal

Didoe Prevedourou
Athens Institute of Information Technology, Greece

CGC will be focused on establish a large pool of fundraising activities globally together with project funding to support CGC´s development and members. CGC will continuously look for funding and project opportunities globally to CGC projects and will establish professional staff, procedures and knowledge based on high quality, high success rate fundraising.
It is important to CGC that projects that have been funded will be operated professional and CGC projects will meet the success criteria and goals of the projects. This includes professional project and reporting management so CGC will gain high reputation for not just raising funds but also operating projects funded. Funding and project funding will be a very large part of CGC´s activities and income.

04. CGC Events & Conferences – Horizontal
Dr Punnerumal

Mon Punnerumal
Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand

CGC intend to continuously develop a high standard of CGC events, conferences and workshops together with CGC partners World Wide. CGC will be engage in several CGC co-hosted Events, conferences and workshops.
CGC will invited top key note speakers from academia and business to present their latest achievements and outlook to future development.
GCG will build up a CGC standard for these so that CGC hosted and co-hosted events, conferences and workshop will become a brand and best practice of these.

CGC Conferenceonor quest at CGC supported Conference