Research Projects

CGC projects will be developed, serviced and implemented horizontally across vertical thematic areas strongly tied to the CGC divisions, which would utilise the results and resources of the competence centres that will collaborate to deliver functional and demonstrable systems.
The individual CGC projects will therefore determine their research and development needs in the competence centres so that the research results flow directly back into a functional CGC system, thereby enabling the technology transfer and facilitating the inter-competence centre collaboration.
The CGC researchers will contribute to the broad divisions of the institute under the supervision of division directors. Similarly, the directors responsible for the horizontal dimension will lead as project directors with their own CGC project staff and utilising the resources from the divisions in a matrix fashion.

RECOMBINEMarie Curie – Research Collaboration and Mobility for Beyond 5G Wireless Networks (RECOMBINE)H2020 – MSCA01-01-2031-12-24€ 478.000Albena Mihovska
MOTOR5GMarie Curie – motivate and skill competitive young researchers through involvement and engagement in a variety of research activities enabling them to work on real-life technical issues, across multiple European countries and organizations, and providing a strong networking opportunity through participation in advanced research projects.H202001-09-1931-08-22€ 3.987.000Pavlos Lazaridis, Albena Mihovska

Cultural entrepreneurship for neets and start-ups

Erasmus+01-09-1931-08-22€ 104.455Sofoklis Kyriazakos
TeamUp5GNew RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networksH202001-01-1931-12-21€ 3.722.253Albena Mihovska
V-CAREVirtual Coaching solutions for rehabilitation and wellbeing of elderly patients. Amendment to be made in relation to the involvement of Hospitalsenheden Vest, DenmarkH202001-08-1701-08-21€ 4.000.218Sofoklis Kyriazakos (Ambuj Kumar, Sadia Anwar)
Drone Lab & Drone HubEstablishment of a Drone Lab at AU for teaching and operating Drones. Drone Hub is a commercial and research hub in the Central and Western Region Denmark for creating innovative applications of drones through services and products targeting wide-range of businesses in public and private sectors.AUFF01-07-1831-12-20€ 33.557Mohammad Bilal, Peter Lindgren
CENTRALCapacity building and ExchaNge towards attaining Technological Research and modernizing Academic Learning: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.Erasmus+01-01-1931-12-20€ 1.000.000Mohammad Bilal
SARASARA project aims at developing a technological solution for search and rescue purposes with Drones. The need for such a solution comes in particular from the institutional market (but it is not limited to) requesting a technological support to manage migration flux aspects, with particular attention to crisis in the Mediterranean Sea: Europe needs to balances efforts to assist people in need with efforts to secure its borders.
On the basis of the above scenario, the industrial composition of the SARA consortium has been contacted by Italian Coast Guard two years ago in order to provide a technological contribution supporting vessels to detect people lost in the sea, especially during the hours of darkness.
According to the above request, SARA solution is conceived to build up a semi-automatic system using Earth Observation data to preliminary detect suspect pontoons’ trajectories (Surveillance) and supporting SAR operations based upon a deployable RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) which is tightly coupled with a ship architecture through a cable (tethered flight): as soon as its function is needed, the aircraft flies from its home (a dedicated hangar on the top of the ship), and becomes a “virtual pylon” which elevates a VIS-TIR sensor (Visual Spectrum and Thermal Infrared); captured images are processed in real time by a local computer. Both RPAS and hangar are equipped with 2 high accuracy EGNSS receivers (i.e. Galileo ready) in order to provide the relative positioning between the hangar and the RPAS hovering on the target.
H202001-01-1831-12-19€ 1.455.000Mohammad Bilal
VR – LabExploring the boundaries of human-computer interaction in a real-world setting of globally connected entrepreneurial business model environmentsAUFF01-07-1831-12-19€ 21.396Per Valter
ZoomInTurning digital skills into start-up skills for young entrepreneurs by promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young peopleErasmus+01-01-1731-12-19€ 225.266Sofoklis Kyriazakos
EUOpstart for DELIVERYEUOpstart for DELIVERY Phase 1 and Phase 2EUOpstart08-07-1909-12-19€ 10.000Mohammad Bilal, Ambuj Kumar
 IFD IFD – Science 2019  31-12-19 € 3.000Ambuj Kumar
FEASTFEAST (Future Ethical human-centric trusted AI SysTems) is about Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has benefits including performing tasks without human involvement, but there are still significant challenges when AI makes mistakes. Self-awareness of biases, active learning and in-depth calibration of the decision making of the system and consumer perspective is essential for the development of trust in AI.
The project is a collaboration between:
H2020-EIC-FETPROACT-201948 months € 3.998.567Ramjee Prasad, Peter Lindgren, Sadia Anwar, Albena Mihovska, Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Ambuj Kumar, Bilal Muhammad
GREENBIZZDigitisation of business model, business model innovation processes and the Business Model Innovation Cube, with the purpose to help companies and their network partners to devote more green energy to the detriment of black energy, in other words reduce CO2 emissions.Interreg. ÖKS01-11-1931-07-22€ 5.446.215Peter Lindgren, Gitte Kingo
(Chalmers, HV, HIOF)
GREENWALLGReen Energy ENvelope Wireless smArt Longlife buiLdings. Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipmentH202012-01-2001-01-23€ 5.446.215Sadia Anwar, Ramjee Prasad
DELIVERYInnovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport. Two-stage application process, 1. evaluation stage passed 12-04-2019H202048 months € 5.000.000Mohammad Bilal, Ambuj Kumar
IntelliCare H2020   Sofoklis Kyriazakos
CRIPS Circular recirculation innovation product material – complexes products processes (B&O) RIA – Horizon 2020 Fraunhofer, Lindgren, B&O
SMARTAVATAR Bloch Chain and smart contract Neeli Prasad, Mambula, Sebastian (Jacob) Bolici, Lindgren
COE Centre of excellence € 10.000.000 Ramjee Prasad, Peter Lindgren
SENSEBUSINESS The Sensing Business Model. Business models embedded with advanced sensing technology H2020 € 4.000.000 Peter Lindgren
DIGIBUSINESS Digitisation of the BeeBoard € 1.000.000 Per Valter, Peter Lindgren
BRIDGE Bridge the Nordic startup ecosystem with Startup Europe H2020 01-05-17 € 500.000 Sofoklis Kyriazakos
FORECAST Coaching solutions for stress management of cancer patients H2020 € 300.000 Sofoklis Kyriazakos
Ecosystem InnovationEquipment and person hours for the TBMI Challenges at the Global Manifuture FestivalBusiness Region Midtvest01-01-1931-07-19€ 5.333Peter Lindgren
TBMI ChallengesResearch in BMI by AU students: knowledge about how to increase master students’ Techonology Business Model Innovation (TBMI) competencies. How to support Student Teamwork and how to Coach students in developing Business Model Innovation competencies.AUHE Midtvest’s Støttefond01-10-1831-07-19€ 33.333Peter Lindgren
GOALGamification in healthcare. The project will deliver a platform to foster an ecosystem of games and applications that help people stay motivated to lead socially engaged, physically and cognitively active lifestylesH202001-11-1730-04-19€ 992.000Sofoklis Kyriazakos
DigibusinessDigitisation of business model, business model innovation process and Business Model Innovation Cube.Interreg ÖKS01-07-1831-12-18€ 90.000Peter Lindgren
Biogas2020Biogas development in the area of the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagarrak. To be finished soon.Interreg ÖKS01-01-1631-12-18€ 9.461.907Peter Lindgren, Allan Gross, Per Valter, Trine Bjørn Olsen
TBMI ChallengesResearch in BMI by AU students: knowledge about how to increase master students’ Techonology Business Model Innovation (TBMI) competencies. How to support Student Teamwork and how to Coach students in developing Business Model Innovation competencies.AUHE Midtvest’s Støttefond01-01-1830-06-18€ 22.000Peter Lindgren
EASY PvThe purpose of the EGNSS high Accuracy SYstem improving PhotoVoltaic plants maintenance project is to provide a time and cost effective service as direct response to the growing need expressed by several maintainers and PV field owners to enhance the energy production of their plants. To be finished soon.H202001-02-1601-02-18€ 935.973Mohammed Bilal, Ramjee Prasad
VOICEVirtual Open Incubation EcosystemFP701-01-1731-12-17 Sofoklis Kyriazakos
Total Recycle DecommissioningThe project aims to verify the commercial and environmental viability of maximising the percentage of recyclable materials in the decommissioning of ships in ScandinaviaEIT Climate-KIC01-04-1731-08-17€ 50.000Peter Lindgren
AUFF – MobilitetsmidlerPeter Lindgren 10 months in Rome writing MBMI bookAUFF01-01-1731-07-17€ 13.500Peter Lindgren