CGC Vision

CGC has a vision of becoming a world leader in wireless communication, the Multi Business Model and Technology Innovation era, addressing 12 strategic thematic areas

CGC will play a key role in serving communication on CGC thematic areas and requirements of the global society related to the CGC thematic areas.

Through its competences and capacity, CGC will carry out the required research requirements and exploit a cross-/interdisciplinary approach to its members. The in-house capacity of CGC divisions will support the entire process: from the inception of a technology and multi business model idea all the way to commercialisation and the technology and business model. CGC will foster young graduates, industry employees and networks to develop on entrepreneurial and inter/-intrapreneurial frame of mind and mind-set.

CGC’s global operations in six continents by 2020

The vison of having 50 CGC Divisions in 2025

The Blue Cubes are MoU signed, The Green Cubes are present Divisions and the Red Cubes are the future divisions. By the end of 2020, CGC expect to be on all six continents illustrated by red cubes in this figure.

Persuasive business models

In the next decade, aspects such as persuasive technology and persuasive business models will be supporting (and interfering in) our daily lives, business and society much more than is currently the case. Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning interacting with multi business model patterns analysis and multi business model library within high speed will take decisions on business model value offerings to humans and things.

The vision is the creation of guidelines for a syllabus on education about standardisation, persuasive technology, cybersecurity, AI, language and digitalisation of business models, and so on. Through this activity, CGC brings together other academic institutions, research centres and laboratories; international, regional and national standards development organisations (SDOs) and other interested regional bodies, government representatives, private-sector players and individuals.

 In order to take full advantage of all the opportunities, CGC will be focused for the next decade on developing its global platform to a more substantial and conductive foundation. CGC will bring together a strategic network of inter-disciplinary-minded academic and business interests together with the aim of focusing on steady research, business momentum, economic and knowledge growth.