CGC Vision
CGC envisions to become a world leader in the future wireless communication, Multi Business Model and Technology Innovation era, addressing 12 strategic vertical thematic areas.
CGC thematic areas will change related to the global CGC agenda to be discussed at the yearly CGC steering and advisory committee meetings. CGC will play a key role in serving communication on CGC Thematic areas and requirements of the global society related to the CGC Thematic areas. CGC will through its competences and capacity carry out research requirements needed and exploit Cross-/Inter-disciplinary approach to its members. In-house capacity of CGC divisions will undertake the complete process from inception of a technology and multi business model idea all through the process to commercialization and the technology and business model. CGC will nourish young graduates, industry employees and networks to develop on entrepreneurial and inter/-intrapreneurial bend of mind and mind-set.

CGC Thematic Areas
The Communication, Navigation, Sensing, Hardware and software technologies will revolve around human interpretation of things, things interpretations of things and appropriated Business Models related to anywhere, anytime, anybody and any things. CGC will strategical focus on its vertical thematic areas trying to bridge technologies to business models.
In the next decade aspects as persuasive technology and persuasive business modelswill be carrying out and interfere much more with our daily life, business and society.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning interacting with Multi Business Model Patterns Analysis and Multi Business Model Library within high speed will take decisions on Business Model value offerings to humans and things.

The CGC Thematic Areas (click to enlarge)

Many urban innovations, Human Bond Communications, big data business modelling, convergence and so on will be focused and enabled by technologies and management processes not known today. Therefore, it is important with a CGC strategy key to enable a global information society in which trust, security, personalization, business smart services and applications comes in focus. This, with an emphasis for an ecologically and strong sustainable society through the innovative use of technologies, business models and humans – in the benefit of the mankind. Recognizing the important role international standards play in the ICT field and soon also in the multi business model community, the key contribution in academia makes by producing standards-minded graduates becomes important. CGC jointly with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI), Object Management Group (OMG), The Business Model Community and other global standardization bodies are developing the activities on academic education about standardization in technology and business modelling.

Patterns Analysis and Multi Business Model Library
The main objective is the creation of guidelines for a Syllabus on Education about Standardization, persuasive technology, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, language and Digitalization of BusinessModels, and so on. Through this activity, CGC brings together through its activities, other academic institutions, research centres and laboratories; international, regional and national standards development organizations (SDOs) and all other interested regional bodies, government representatives, private-sector players and individuals.
In order to take full advantage of all the opportunities, CGC, in the next decade, will be focused on developing its Global platform to a more substantial and conductive foundation. CGC will bring strategic desired network of inter-disciplinary minded academic and businesses together with the aim of focusing on steady research, business momentum, economic and knowledge growth.