Mission & Objectives


To impact the society-at-large
The target mission of CGC is to impact the society-at-large by conducting Cross-/Inter-disciplinary cutting-edge research, building and demonstrating functional systems, and spinning-out the resulting Multi business model innovations and business successes.

To develop research activities at international level
The mission of CGC is to facilitate global inter-disciplinary research, industry development and educational activities through Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects. CGC association is to develop research activities, at national and international level, with a specialist and inter-disciplinary approach. These all require sophisticated guidelines, forward-looking knowledge and translation into novel business models and future technologies through latest technologies, deep involvement of all stakeholders, i.e. users, businesses, universities, governments etc.
There may be large research establishments engaged in research activities in diversified fields, but there is no professional body exclusively dedicated to ICT and related studies, which bridge the various novel technology components to Business Model Dimensions together to be meaningful from both a business and a technology perspective. For the accomplishment of these tasks, CGC will attract and invite to collaborate jointly for achieving the targeted mission, academicians, researchers, experts from industries and governments across the globe.


CGC objectives are:

  • to be at the forefront of Cross-/Interdisciplinary innovative research functioning as an autonomous organization
  • to play a key role in shaping the future society by joining knowledge collaboration, research and education under a common framework
  • to reach 50 CGC Divisions worldwide in 2025

CGC envisions working as an non-profit association that deliver technology and business model innovations for the social needs and meet the new global challenges brought about by wireless communications, ICT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, crowd and cloud computing, virtualization, and Quantum Computing (QC) involving humans as a critical computing and interpreting node in a distributed computing architecture, pushing the concept of Internet of things (IoT) towards a vision of Internet of Beings (IoB).

Knowledge collaboration, research and education