Future Prospectus

Since its inception in 2004, CGC has traversed a long journey, transforming into a global institution as CTIF Global in 2009 on its 5thAnniversary. CGC is determined onwards and reaching new heights. CGC have initiated several novels, innovative concepts in the past namely, MAGNETWISDOM and recently initiated a new concept named ”Cooperative Optimized Innovative Intelligent Infrastructure Networks (COINS)”. CGC will through COINS and other projects validate the Ubiquitous Smart City scenario in large-scale demonstrators in different cities in Europe, Asia and beyond. The aim is to cover different use-cases related to the “Amazing fast”, “Ubiquitous things communicating” and “Super real-time and reliable connections”, “Great Service in a crowd”, “Best experience follows you” and beyond to be tested in various countries

  • CGC will attain these novelties by continuously organizing Annual Strategic Workshop. The workshop is attended by invited key persons only and anticipate a limit number of participants’ discussion future research and project topics.
  • CGC will seek to further strengthen the relationship with Asia, Africa and Latin America, with relevant activities.
  • CGC will further develop the new research lab on Multi Business Model Innovation and technology, Entre-, Intra- and Interpreneurship together with digitalization via an international collaboration including world-class research and practice.
  • New research directions will be decided every year at CGC annual steering and advisory meetings including in 2019 as an example the integration of the visible light and multisensory communications into the 5G concept and beyond.
  • CGC will continued the journey onwards with the aim to become a world leader of excellence in bridging technology and business on its 20th Anniversary in 2024. As a global centre of excellence, CGC will play the critical role in serving the communication requirements of the society through its capacity to carryout research requiring a cross-/inter-disciplinary approach. This mandate would be achieved by the in-house capacity of the CGC to carry out the complete process from inception of a Business Model and technology idea to their commercialization, by nourishing young graduates, established academies and businesses to develop an entre-, intra- and interpreneurial bend of mind-set across competencies and networks globally.
  • Until date, the communication technology solutions have been designed to convey useful information that is supportable with incremental changes made to the underlying system. However, the future digital and virtual society integrated and embedded with the physical world will require networks-communication systems that support data rates multiple orders higher than those do supported under even the ideal conditions.
  • Communication technologies that would allow interaction between people and machines separated by a physical distance based on these senses would lead to the emergence of a real interconnected world. Cybercrime, persuasive technology, Persuasive Business Models, Human bond communication will together with CONASENSE be important topics for CGC to 2025.

CGC is planning to become totally financially independent in 2025 of activity to numerous international relationships and the possibility of establishing a series of partnerships with several entities, which join CGC by contributing a Membership Fee, sponsorship, e.g.
The goal is to bring novel ideas into concrete research projects seeking funding through various schemes.
CGC´s self-sustainability cycle is shown in the figure.

Self-sustainability cycle of CGC (click to enlarge)