The WPMC 2022
Call for papers is open

The 25th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC’22), technically sponsored by IEEE Denmark Section, will be held in Herning, Denmark, from October 30 – November 2, 2022.

WPMC aims to promote knowledge sharing, network, and collaborative activities in the wireless techno-business modelling. The objective is to respond to the 6G and its pervasiveness for socio-techno-economic paradigm and business, processes, competencies, and models. A key emphasis is on the secured, swift, and seamless transition from present to the future 6G paradigm, bridging across industries, public & private, universities, research labs, and other knowledge societies in exploration of the newest technologies and pursuing innovative ways of living, conducting business, traveling, etc. towards sustainable solutions…..

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About CTIF Global Capsule

CGC is a global and collaborative Cross-/Inter-disciplinary independent non-profit organization with a robust worldwide research, academic, and industry network.

Research Areas

CGC has developed strategically a research portfolio consisting of 12 Thematic Areas in which CGC wants to be strong and have “a foot print” in. The 12 areas involve all CGC divisions.

Dr. Neeli Prasad CTO SmartAvatar, Delft, The Netherlands, Mountain View, CA, USA gave a lecture in CGC on: Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicle

Value Propositions

CGC Divisions run different exchange programs and e.g. staff members Mobility course.  As a member of CGC, all researchers/project participants have access to office and Lab facilities to any CGC Division worldwide. CGC divisions openly host industrial PhDs and guest researchers from all over the world, who want to study and join CGC research projects and team.

International Relationships

CGC vision is to become financially independent within few years (2025) of activity supported by numerous international relationships and the possibility of establishing a series of partnerships with several entities, which join CGC by contributing a Membership Fee.

CGC and CENTRAL Project collaboration with i.a. Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand. || Video produced and shared by the Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand

Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects

CGC facilitate global inter-disciplinary research, industry development and educational activities through Cross-/Inter-disciplinary scientific projects, staff and student exchange, interdisciplinary publications, PhD and master programs, other educational programs, e.g. to industry and standardization in research and education. CGC will seek to establish projects across all continents.