Membership Overview and Types

CGC vision is to become financially independent within few years (2025) of activity supported by numerous international relationships and the possibility of establishing a series of partnerships with several entities, which join CGC by contributing a Membership Fee or any other CGC support.

CGC have 5 types of membership:

CGC Division Membership
5.000 EUR per annum

For organizations that want to be a member

CGC Institutional & SME Membership
3.000 EUR per annum

Membership fee for Institutions & SMEs

CGC Associate Membership
2.500 EUR per annum

Associate Membership Fee

Individual Fellow Membership
250 EUR per annum

Membership fee for individual fellows

CGC Start-Up Membership
100 EUR per annum

Membership fee for Start-Ups

CGC School Membership
1000 EUR per annum

CGC School Membership

Members have the right to withdraw the membership by notification in written before the start of a new calendar year. The membership to CGC network is the key to enabling competence, encompass both academic, public and business organizations into a knowledge collaboration framework to jointly create competence as shown in the figure.

Every organization will be entitled to be a member of the CGC, if the institution provides a fixed number of researchers, with a relevant percentage of their work and time spent under the supervision of CGC jointly with the local CGC divisions. CGC network partner may join to be a board member if the institution provides the right supplement.
Competence through membership framework.

Additional CGC Resources


CGC have several sponsorships from industry, organisations and funds.

Sponsorships are of different kinds:

  • lab equipment sponsorship,
  • research project sponsorship,
  • event and conference sponsorship,
  • special issue journal sponsorship,
  • book or rapport sponsorship

Private and institutional partnerships

Partnerships and resulting projects will represent a third source of income for CGC to both the direct financing from the projects and the indirect financing from the participants to the project.
CGC will offer to be coordinator of projects and individual consortium member can pay a fee for the project coordination, coordinator for fundraising, managing and evaluating successfully projects.

PhD, master and undergraduate programs and internships

In addition, for PhD, master’s programs and undergraduate Internships, CGC will provide human resources for PhD studies, teaching and training at the top-ranking CGC university partners, applying a fee for the host and home institution.
CGC divisions host industrial PhD´s from all over the world, who wants to study and join CGC research. As a member of CGC all CGC PhD researchers together with faculties’ members will have access to office place in any CGC Divisions worldwide.