Research Thematic Areas

The goal of CGC research is to facilitate and develop the CGC global Cross-/Inter-disciplinary research areas through scientific projects.

The ICT sector has been CGC’s main focus since its inauguration in 2004. As ICT technologies rapidly evolve and security concerns continuously change, the multidisciplinary and cross-/interdisciplinary approach to research, education and the multi business model innovation of CGC has enabled it to keep pace with emerging issues.

Strong emphasis is currently given to CGC´s Thematic areas:
Future Wireless Technologies, CONASENSE, Multimedia Applications & Services, Personalised Medicine, Knowledge Home, Chitt-Kaya Nivesh Sthaan, Human Bond Communication, Network Without Borders, Security, Trust and Privacy, Standardization, green ICT, Multi Business Model Innovation (MBMI), and sensing and persuasive business models, green business model digitalisation.

New emphasis will be proposed and discussed at CGC strategic workshops and in the steering committee and advisory board.
Throughout its first decade, CGC promoted further cooperation and allowed even broader reach, enabling a truly international approach to tackling the ever-emerging challenges of the anytime-, anyhow- and anywhere connected-to-smart-services modern society. ICTs have played a decisive role in the research and development process.

In order to take full advantage of all of the opportunities CGC offers to its members, CGC will focus on developing CGC platform to a substantial, digitalised and conductive foundation in the next decade. CGC will bring desired networks of interdisciplinary-minded academics and businesses together with the aim of focusing on research and business momentum towards developing global leadership in high tech research.

Horizontal Research Thematic Areas

Peter Lindgren
CGC Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark

CGC four Horizontal Thematic Areas will support the twelve vertical research thematic areas and developed the CGC Business to be a global well-structured and advanced business with the vision to function anywhere, anytime with anybody and anything. CGC will create and capture business across all vertical thematic areas. CGC will look for startups and BM inside and between businesses. CGC will seek to fundraise and develop projects worldwide and will establish and engage in professional conference, workshops and event in all continents.

Vertical Research Thematic Areas

Carla Andreani
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

CGC vertical research thematic areas ranging from ICT, to chemistry, to physics and translational medicine, human bond communication, envisaging possible technological solutions that bring about e.g. a transformation in the clinical and public health practices; the close connection between biomedical studies and knowledge and its exploitation through ICT tools will shape the translational character of the research accomplished by CGC. CGC Research Portfolio includes Exploratory Research, Strategic Research and Tactical Research.

CGC Research Matrix (click to enlarge)