Research Thematic Areas

The goal of CGC research is to facilitate and develop the CGC cross-/inter- disciplinary research areas through fundamental scientific projects, staff and student exchanges, publications and PhD programmes, setting an example for industry and standardisation.

CGC has strategically developed a research portfolio consisting of:
12 vertical thematic areas. The vertical thematic areas involve all of the CGC divisions and will individually be undertaking special CGC research activities and focusing on the mentioned areas. One CGC Division will be main responsible to lead, promote and operate decided activities within the thematic area.

The 12 vertical thematic areas are supported by 6 horizontal research areas, and all research areas are organized as a matrix organization with:

Prof Peter Lindgren as responsible for the 6 horizontal research areas within Multi Business Model and Technology.
Dr Didoe Prevedourou as responsible for 6 vertical areas within Innovation & Research,
Prof Fred Haris as responsible for 6 vertical areas within Science & Technology