The CGC Division at Vishwaniketan Has a Privilege of Being the First in India

The CGC division at Vishwaniketan has a privilege of being the first in India and it was obvious as Vishwaniketan is actually an outcome of all the efforts made by CTIF, Gisfi in last 20 years in India.

The journey to transform education from conventional approach to project based learning (PBL) has been amazing with CGC. The Ph. D programme for Indian teachers in collaboration with CGC, divisions in Europe has changed the mindset hugely. That was useful to evolve PBL methods suitable to Indian scenario and implement successfully. More than 70 teachers have benefited from it and is going on every year.

Students have responded well and innovations like adding design and business modelling training to the curriculum gave 15+ start ups in just 3-4 years.
The experience of working on 4 European commission projects has made miracle with teachers and students to work from concept to product approach with large international collaboration.

Programs like summer fellowship have been participated by more than 900 students form 250 institutions in India.
We now are working on digitalising the PBL and Business Modelling processes for larger community through a EU project with CGC titled ‘CENTRAL’.

The PBLCOE and BMCOE is looking forward to work with the CGC divisions all across world for joint research, commercialisation of Technology through Business modelling, joint consultancy projects with large MSME sector of India and finally, evolve a big network of CGC divisions in India for co-operation and sharing of benefits.
I request institutions to come forward and participate in this journey.

Dr. Sandeep Inamdar.
Vice President, Vishwaniketan