MBMI Concept

Business development is more than one business model

In the Research Centre CTIF Global Capsule (CGC) by Professor Peter Lindgren, the Department of Business Development and Technology Aarhus University Herning, Denmark, research is carried out into how to promote and support business development by means of the concept Multi Business Model Innovation (MBMI).

The MBMI concept consist of the following processes

The analyzing process:
Downloading (The MBMI participants listen and map the Business AS IS)
Seeing (Analyse and assess the Business Model from an outside view)

The Innovation process:
Sensing (Innovating Business Models (TO BE))
Presencing (Open will and assessment of the new Business Models)

The implementing process:
Action plan

MBMI Concept 2019
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The concept is based on evidence-based research into existing business models and the development of new business models, as well as development and innovation in practical MBMI tools:
The Business Lab, the B-Board and the B-Star table with integrated business model tools.

The business Lab is designed to analyze exciting business models and develop new business models. Moreover, the B-Lab facilitate the social work processes among Business members or Business students.

The B-Lab is developed based on evidence-based research described in the book by Professor Lindgren:
The Multi Business Model Innovation Approach Part 1