The Global ICT Standardization Forum for India

The Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI) is an Indian standardization body active in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and related application areas, such as energy, telemedicine, wireless robotics, biotechnology.

India plays an increasingly important role in the processes of globalization in the field of the communications technology industry and research and development.

GISFI is an effort to create a new coherence and strengthen the role of India in the world standardization process by mapping the achievements in ICT in India to the global standardization trends. Further, GISFI is focused on strengthening the ties among leading and emerging scholars and institutions in India and the world; to develop and cultivate a research and development agenda for the field.

GISFI addresses the research and product development of ICT in India and provides a bridge towards the globalization of the Indian achievements; the issues of technology, governance, and development; and a platform for raising an awareness of the importance and the internationalization of the higher education in the field are supported by the joint partnership with the Government of India. The working groups organized in GISFI will draw knowledge from academia, business, civil society, and Government/policy-making circles.

A strong global platform is the key to a successful standardization process that can benefit all user groups.





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