The GISFI 10th Anniversary Celebration

Standardization in Education for Technology Research and Commercialization

The 34th GISFI Standardization Series Meeting (GSSM) is held jointly with the GISFI Alumni Association under the theme STANDARDIZATION IN EDUCATION for TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND COMMERCIALIZATION to reflect on the joint long-term persistent collaborations to create capabilities of Innovative research, Product development, and Business modelling for start-ups in the multi-disciplinary areas, with support of wireless technology that will revolutionize the global wireless ecosystem as an inherent part of the digital economy and society.
The Alumni of GISFI PhD Program, UG fellowship Program will demonstrate how GISFI influenced the development of individuals and Institutions to create achievements related to Theme. This meeting will strive to identify Technology areas, Global partners to work in future under GISFI and its allied networks. An international platform will be created for all participants for research and technology commercialization.

The 10th Anniversary Program

35th GISFI STANDARDIZATION SERIES MEETING (GSSM) will be held at the BIRSA INSTITUTE IF TECHNOLOGY (BIT) SINDRI, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India on February 8-9, 2020, to be hosted by Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Director, BIT SINDRI.





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