KIT CGC Member

Formal Membership Celebration

The Kolhapur Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering, Maharashtra, India is now CGC Institutional Member of CTIF Global Capsule. The formal membership was celebrated with the revelation of the CTIF logo at the institute in the presence of:
1. Prof. Ramjee Prasad- President, CGC Denmark.
2. Prof. Sandip Inamdar – Head, CGC India.
3. Mr. Bharat Patil – Chairman KIT, Legal Representative Project CENTRAL
4. Mr. Sunil Kulkarni- Vice Chairman KIT
5. Mr. Dipak Chougule -Secretary KIT, LEAR Project CENTRAL
6. Mr. Dilip Joshi – Trustee KIT
7. Prof. Mahesh Chavan – Dean Academic, Steering Committee Member, Project CENTRAL
8. Mr. Ajit Patil – Head, Dept. Of CSE, Task Manager, Project CENTRAL
9. Mr. Tanaji Patil – Head, Dept. of IT, Task Manager, Project CENTRAL
10. Mr. Rajesh Gade – Chief Operating Officer, KITE incubation center , Task Manager, Project CENTRAL
11. Prof. Yuraj Patil- Dean, Examination & Evaluation, KITCoEK
12. Prof. Shivling Pise – Dean, Research & Development
13. Prof. Sachin Shinde – Dean, Incubation Innovation & Linkages.
14. Prof. Subhash Mane – Dean, Alumni-Corporate Relations.
15. Faculty , Staff, Students.

Entrepreneurship Cell Student Coordinator greeted Prof. Ramjee Prasad on arrival at KIT. Prof. Prasad unveiled the CGC logo at KIT in the presence of above dignitaries. Prof. Prasad handed over the CGC Institutional Membership Certificate to Mr. Bharat Patil & Mr. Dipak Chougule.
Prof. Prasad along with dignitaries further inaugurated Project CENTRAL Content Development Lab and MOODLE at KIT. Mr. Ajit Patil & Mr. Tanaji Patil gave a brief presentation on Moodle implementation for Project CENTRAL.
Prof. Prasad and Prof. Inamdar along with trustees of KIT interacted with the students of KIT. Prof. Inamdar shared the opportunities and benefits of CGC to the students. Prof. Prasad shared his journey as a student and motivated students to pursue higher goals. He also shared his vision of KNOWLEDGE HOME 2050.Later the dignitaries had a discussion with faculty of KIT.
Prof Prasad shared the opportunities available through CGC for research.
On 15th February 2020, Prof. Prasad presided the Inauguration function – Pioneer 2020, A National level technical event at KIT. As a chief guest Prof. Prasad addressed a gathering of 1000 students.



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