6G Knowledge Lab Opening and 36th Virtual GISFI Workshop

The current pandemic COVID-19 situation has shown the importance of digital technologies to continue the successful operation of all spheres of life, educational, business and social. This gives also a special flare to the 6G system. It is envisioned that it will support further-enhanced to full-broadband (FeMBB) services to all types of end users and is envisioned as universal technology and infrastructure. The current trends of digitalization, and the user requirements for access and transmission of high-definition data while on the move, and for networking and intelligence in all spheres of life, demand 6G as the accelerator of transformation and innovation on a global scale and with deep penetration. Current application trends that can be observed are the emergence of services based on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), wireless brain-computer interaction, smart city, tactile communications, and holographic communications. These developments challenge the current capabilities of the enabling wireless communication systems from various aspects, such as delay, rate, degree of intelligence, coverage, reliability, capacity and cannot be achieved by evolutionary research. Research will seek breakthroughs from the current network architecture and communication theory to provide novel concepts that can be key for the design of a radically new system such as 6G. At the same time, it is important to enable that such revolutionary technology developments stay ‘green’ and take into account major environmental concerns, such as the climate change, which can be achieved by novel, “green” digitalized business models.
This workshop is held jointly with the CTIF Global Capsule (https://ctifglobalcapsule.org/), the Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFIgisfi.org) and is technically sponsored by IEEE (ieee.org) and by Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF-wwrf.ch). The event will span over two days and feature invited talks by external and CGC experts on various research challenges related to 6G and enabling technologies.


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