WWRF Huddle 2022

The world in 2030 and beyond will look very different to the world we know today. 5G is set to play a big part in building 2020s and shaping a connected, smart and intelligent wireless world. A new connected society is already starting to emerge – a “network of networks”, powered by multiple access technologies including Wi-Fi, small cells, and satellite alongside terrestrial mobile networks.
With the speed in which technology moves however, it is likely by 2030 that the limits of 5G as we know and understand it today may well have been reached. Plans for the next steps ‘Beyond 5G’ and the launch of early stages of 6G will be well under way.
Wireless World Research Forum’s 2022 Huddle, the 8th edition of its flagship series, will focus on the continuing journey of technological advancement up to 2030 and beyond, and at the evolution towards B5G and future wireless connectivity.



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