6G Briefing 2024

The 6G Briefing sponsored by SÂU PAULO and CTIF GLOBAL CAPSULE is a premier two-day business tech conference designed to unite the forefront of the enterprise sector, academia, standardization organizations, and innovative startups. The “6G Briefing” is not just an event; it’s a forum for initiating dialogues, forging partnerships, and setting the stage for the global deployment of 6G. By participating, you will gain unparalleled insights into the technologies, policies, and strategies that will define the future of wireless communication.

This event is set against the vibrant backdrop of São Paulo, Brazil, one of Latin America’s largest and most innovative cities. With a rich GDP and status as a business hub, São Paulo is the perfect location to discuss the future of 6G networks, which are expected to revolutionize connectivity by 2030.
More information and pre-registration https://6gbriefing.com/

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Sao Paulo



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