Professor Ramjee Prasad

now supervisor of 150 PhD defences – ten times more than the normal average for supervisors.


When Sheeba Kumari successfully defended her PhD entitled: “Millimeter Wave Channel Modeling and Its Implications in 5G Cellular Design” on November 8th it was also a historic day for her supervisor, Professor Ramjee Prasad from our global research group CGC at the Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University Herning.
Sheeba Kumari was Ramjee Prasad’s PhD student number 150.

Professor Ramjee Prasad, who recently turned 75, is the president of the global research group CGC at the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus University. His colleague and vice president of CGC, Professor Peter Lindgren, describes this supervising effort as impressive and unique:

“I think it is inconceivable that Ramjee Prasad has been a supervisor for 150 PhD research projects in addition to his own research. Ramjee Prasad is one of the world’s leading researchers in his field. The average number of PhD projects that a supervisor oversees is approximately ten times less during an academic career at the universities”.

Ramjee Prasad is a pioneer of wireless technology and telecommunication and has a lifelong interest in humanising electronic and future technologies. Ramjee Prasad is the founder of the research group CGC, and he has just founded a new global research group working with 6G.

“His work on the global scientific scene is of paramount importance. CGC and 6G both have their headquarters in Herning in Denmark, and this really paves the way for a very important influence on Danish digital and wireless research,” Peter Lindgren adds.

Congratulations to both Ramjee Prasad and Sheeba Kumari.