NB!ICT – Innovation, Regulation, Business – is an international journal promoting debate on ICT developments, Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology and associated Business Model Ecosystems among academics, analysts, professionals and practitioners. The journal is cross-interdisciplinary and focusses on the interrelationships between technology developments in the ICT field and economic, political and social developments. NB!ICT […]

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Wireless Personal Communications

ISSN: 0929-6212 (Print) 1572-834X (Online) Wireless Personal Communications is an archival, peer reviewed, scientific and technical journal addressing mobile communications and computing. It investigates theoretical, engineering, and experimental aspects of radio communications, voice, data, images, and multimedia. A partial list of topics includes propagation, system models, speech and image coding, multiple access techniques, protocols performance

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Mobile Multimedia Communication

The Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM) aims to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the issues and challenges brought by the emerging networking and computing technologies for mobile applications and services, and the control and management of such networks to enable multimedia services

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Multi Business Model

ISSN: 2245-456X (Print Version), ISSN: 2245-8832 (Online Version) Provides an in-depth and holistic view of Multi Business Model and technology Innovation from practical to theoretical aspects covering topics that are equally valuable for practitioners as well as academia – also those new in the field. The journal covers Multi Business Model and technology innovation issues

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Human Bond

CGC will open a new Journal in 2019 on Human Bond Communication. Human Bond Communication (HBC) represents a real cultural challenge and a growing area of research focus and is intended to host publication of investigations beyond multi-sensory communication, both from the basic research standpoint, the technological and Multi Business Model Innovation viewpoint. The possibilities

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